Wearing perfumes is a part of my everyday life. That's why it just has to be this special scent.

Q. What does "fragrance" mean to you?

A. Well, I was never fond of strong scents. Fragrances were not an everyday thing either. However, I was given this opportunity to produce my own fragrance with the scents I selected. So it seems to suit my body naturally, and it was like a surprise meeting with a fragrance.

Q. What do you think of the scents of "L'eau de DIAMOND by Keisuke Honda" ?

A. It wears lightly so I spray it quite often. Although, it's not strong and it quickly adapts to my body. I think that's what's good.

Q. How does Keisuke Honda apply the fragrance?

A. First, I put it on my wrists and neck, but that's only on my front side. So I hold the bottle above me and turn it as I spray my back. That is my daily routine now.

Q. "L'eau de DIAMOND by Keisuke Honda" has a number of fragrance products. How do you use them?

A. It is totally depending on the day or like how I’m feeling, I choose which one to wear. It's like choosing my sunglasses or what to wear that day.

Q. How does the fragrance relate to "Keisuke Honda the soccer player?"

A. Because of my occupation, I take a shower more often than most of people. After taking a shower, I always put on this fragrance. When you play sports, you perspire, but quite a few people playing soccer don’t actually think much about it. I also never cared much about perspiring. But after turning pro and starting to play in front of crowds, I got to start thinking about it. Perhaps it's a part my professional spirit, I thought about how looking good and smelling good even while playing soccer would make me feel happy and more proud as a pro and soccer player.

Q. Any words for "L'eau de DIAMOND by Keisuke Honda" fans?

A. Since I like this fragrance, having many other people enjoying my fragrance makes me most happy about making it. I want more people to use it and to continue using it as their favorite fragrance. Personally, I want this brand to appeal to everyone, with not just products for men, but for women as well. Stay tuned!



HONDA Keisuke
Team: AC Milan (ITALY) AC
Positions: MF and FW
Birthdate: June 13th, 1986
Hometown: Settsu, Osaka Prefecture
Height and Weight: 182 cm, 74 kg
Blood Type: AB
Footedness: Left-footed

Keisuke Honda is known as one of the best Japanese footballers who plays for Serie A club Milan and the Japanese national football team. He plays as an attacking midfielder. Honda has frequently featured as a right winger in the current 2014-2015 Serie A season. He is also known for his free-kicks and as a fashionable icon.

The brand finds inspiration in the union between the sensuality of fashion and the strength of sport. With this unique approach, L’ eau de DIAMOND by KEISUKE HONDA has successfully merged the athlete’ s world with the exclusivity of fashion icon in today’ s modern Japan.